Generally, there are almost a million of online dating sites in the virtual world that you can choose from. There are those designed for homosexual individuals such as gays. One of the leading online platforms for online dating is Day after day, its gay members are fast growing because of the unique features of the sites that make every gay singles attracted to the site. is designed for gay singles who are hungry for love and sex with the same gender. The purpose of the site is to connect and match gay singles with the most ideal partners who will meet the required qualifications of the finder.

Fulfill Your Desires and Get a Perfect Partner

Find a partner with the same interests as yours and start a new life living together. Through, your chance of meeting the perfect partner is guaranteed. The first thing you need to do is to create an account and make the most of it. As one of the high performing online dating sites in the entire Canada, gay singles will surely be able to meet the one who will fulfill their desires and make every night special in the arms of one another.

When you decided to go with, you will have lots of opportunities to be connected with other gays in Canada who share the same goal as yours that is to find love. As you engage to the site and get connected, you will get more opportunities to find the ideal partner as quick as possible. The site will be the one to find the best match for you by looking into your preferences of the ideal partner that you are looking for.

Meet, Share and Let Love Spark

By connecting with the other members, you will surely have more time in looking for the most ideal gay partner. After you finally found the one, you can now share your life and interest with that someone and make everyday as special as possible. Knowing each other for some time can make both of you compatible for each other. Now, let love spark between the two of you.

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3 Main Reasons why Online Dating Gained Popularity in Canada

The internet world has exploded with dating potential for just about everyone. If you aren’t so lucky in love going to bars, or going to the clubs, you will find that there are plenty of Canadians singles that are searching for dates online. Why has online dating gained so much popularity in Canada? Well, there are several things that you have to look into. There’s no “one” reason that this is the case. In fact, there are a lot of things that you have to weigh out, as you will find that there are several things going forward within the world of dating online.

1. The Ease of Communication

On of the first thing that you need to look into is the ease of communication. In real life, you would have to be confident and approach someone to talk to them, and that doesn’t always work out so well. However, on the web, you could easily talk to someone and initiate contact with just about anyone without having to deal with the rejection of someone that is not interested in meeting someone new. Once you sign up with just about any site, you can contact people as long as you pay a fee. There are some that are free, and that may assist to, but the ease of communication is far easier than other solutions.

2. Constant Internet Connections

In the past, dating online was something that you had to work with sporadically. You weren’t always connected to the internet, but today, you can connect with people and the internet at all hours. With smartphones, tablets, and other devices now connect to the online world at any given moment. That means that you can find people to date at any given moment. The odds are far better for you now, just from the hours in which you can communicate with others.

3. People Use Them

Millions of Canadians have joined these sites. You are not going to be visiting a happy hour where there’s no one in the location. The average online dating site has millions of members, many of which are in your area. Popularity, in the end, is because there are a lot of people on these sites seeking love. It’s that simple. If no one were using these sites, they wouldn’t be around today. If you’re looking for something different or more specific, you can find a wide variety of dating sites on; you will be amazed to see the amount of reviews they’ve made. There is of course the big ones like : or; which are also to surely consider if you want to meet people from all around the planet.


The online dating market in U.S. is huge compare to Canada, we found this great dating guide that reviewed popular american dating sites. This guide provide also wide variety tips and dating scam that goes on on the internet.

Use it Too!

All in all, the online dating market just keep growing day by day and it would be mistake to not give it a shot.

Take Note of These Online Dating Strategies

All right, so you decided you had enough time on your own, and it is time to meet someone with whom you can share the good and bad. If you think about online dating sites, that’s great because it is an excellent place to start looking for other single persons. Still, being on such a site does not guarantee you are going to get dates or meet people fast. The diversity you can find there is rather large, so you need to adopt a strategy if you wish to be successful and meet people like this. The following steps might prove to be useful in your dating strategy on the Internet. Other than these, good luck!

  • First of all, beware of profiteers

Unfortunately, not all people on online dating sites are there to find a pair. They are looking for people that will fall for them and deplete their bank account. Thus, be careful not to reveal any card number or account number, or send money to a stranger because he or she wishes to come and visit you. They can easily make this travel on their money if they wish to, or you can meet somewhere in the middle. You need to watch out for fake profiles, like fantastic pictures since they are made that way to attract attention. If something looks too good to be true, there are high chances for it to be that way.

  • More is better

If you wish to increase your chances of meeting someone, you should have an active profile on more than one dating site. Find reputable web pages for dating and make a profile on some of them. More options mean you will have plenty of potential candidates from where you can choose.

  • What makes you unique?

On a site that has thousands of members, you need to find a way that will help you stand out in the crowd. Think about something that makes you special, a particularity most people don’t have or anything that might get you noticed. Instead or writing that you like cooking and reading, mention you like bungee jumping or that you are the winner of a pie contest. Just think outside the box and make yourself presentable.

  • A picture can speak 1000 words

Don’t use the image you used on your CVs, because it will not serve your purpose. Also, don’t use semi-nude pictures if you are a woman, or next to a very expensive car if you are a man. You may want people to want to meet you because you are interesting, not naked or wealthy. It is also not advisable to use pictures from parties or clubs, where you may be a bit intoxicated with alcohol. Instead, opt for pictures where you have fun and feel good. Like pictures having a barbecue with your friends, a walk in the part, a trip in the mountains or at the beach. Something that will make you look presentable but happy at the same time. Don’t put just a mug shot, but make a small portfolio of your best photos.

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Online Dating – What You Need To Know

It is funny how a method considered to be the last hope of desperate people, who were always regarded in having trouble finding a date, today has become a regular practice. In an era when no one can live properly without a computer or smart device, and Internet, online dating started to reach high peaks. Statistics even show that from the total number of married couples, about 35% met in the online environment. Perhaps out of commodity, curiosity or real faith in finding their other half, people turned to use online dating to the detriment of traditional dating. A fact is represented by the large number of members some online websites acquired in time, reaching thousands.

Wish to try it for yourself? Here is what you need to know about online dating. First, one thing is for sure, and that regards the fact that all people there are single and looking for someone. So, on an online dating site you can be sure that they are all in a look for a pair, not having to wonder whether that person is single or not. Also, you can check their profiles, to see how they describe themselves and their pictures. So nothing is a secret. But it is up to you to see if that profile is real and if the person is the way he or she claims. Another aspect is that in case you ran out of new people to meet in your area, online dating will offer you a larger diversity. Different types of people, from different locations, you will have from where to choose.

On online dating sites, there are no rules regarding who approaches who. As a woman, you can approach a man you find attractive, without waiting for you to be approached. It is not a shame, and you won’t be judged for that. Just take into consideration both possibilities of this action, meaning that he might or might not like. Still, he may be willing to find a little bit more about you and see how things turn out. It goes the same in the case of men approaching women. Not to mention that it is great for shy people. If you never had the courage to approach someone live, with online dating things appear rather simpler, since you don’t have to face that person directly. ( Read also )

If you are curious about the downsides, there are a few as well. First, there are just too many options, and we might get carried away in the game, not being satisfied by one person or become rather picky. Also, the information you will find on profiles is limited and not enough for you to tell if that person is suitable for you. The information cannot be checked or verified either, so there is the risk of being disappointed by the real person behind that profile. And the fact that online dating is mostly based on looks is another detrimental aspect, but still you might find a person who will wish to go beyond appearances.

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Tips for Dating Russians in Canada

Whether you’ve recently enjoyed a vacation and have fallen for a Russian woman or man or even if you have found a great Russian woman or man down the street, understanding how to accept Russian dating customs is a great way to make sure that treat potential partners with respect. Dating Russian men or women can be confusing at times, especially for people who are used to dating Westerners. Below are some tips that you can use to understand Russian dating.

Tip 1: Who is the Gentleman?

With dating Russian men, it is expected that he will be the gentleman and you will be expected to be the gentleman if you’re dating a Russian woman. Chivalry still does exist and it is quite prevalent in Russian dating. Whether it is helping a woman carry her bags across the street or opening doors for their partners, women can expect to be treated like gold with dating Russian men.

It is important that the man in the relationship acts like it and takes care of certain things such as picking up the tab after eating at a restaurant. Remember, it’s the norm in Russian cultures.

Tip 2: Setting Ground Rules

When you first start dating a Russian woman or man it is important that you set ground rules to explain what you are comfortable will and what you aren’t comfortable with. Cheating and lying are two factors that are generally accepted in Russian cultures, although they may be seen as annoying. Instead of waiting for it to happen, allow your partner to know that you’re uncomfortable with them cheating and it is seen as something significantly worse than an annoyance in Western cultures.

Tip 3: Be Prepared for Alcohol

Drinking is seen as a respectable thing in Russian cultures so do not be surprised if your first date involves a lot of alcohol. Unless you have a restriction against consuming alcohol, join him, or if he’s taking the drinking to a level that you are uncomfortable with, talk to him about it.

Tip 4: Closeness and Comfort

Another thing that you will want to consider in regards to Russian dating is that being close to the person that you are talking to is quite common. This may make you feel slightly uncomfortable at first due to the fact that your relationship is so new, but it is normal for a Russian woman or man. They may hold your arm or stand quite close to you when they are speaking.

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Do’s & Don’ts on ANY Dating Sites

When it come to online dating, there is a few things things to do and to avoid on your profile, live chat, messaging, etc. Here’s a few points to consider if you are thinking to try a dating site for the first time.



  • Send your first email with just the link to your profile
  • Tire out your potential partner with all the “outdoor activities” you’re involved in. Remember less is sometimes so much more.
  • Tell your potential date you haven’t posted a photo, but that you are really great looking, then demand one of theirs, all the while you state your marital status as “separated.”


  • Write a question, a statement, a reaction to their own profile in your initial email.
  • Leave the thousand of sports you enjoy for several emails. Show that wide range of interests, including sitting very still, or your “Time Out’s” or finding strays a home.
  • Upload a picture. No picture indicates several things. You’re really alone, and can’t find a camera, you don’t want your picture there because you don’t think you look great, or…you really do not want your wife or husband to see you on internet dating billboards. Do post your picture, no matter what. It is you we all want to know.