things to avoid on dating sites

Do’s & Don’ts on ANY Dating Sites

When it come to online dating, there is a few things things to do and to avoid on your profile, live chat, messaging, etc. Here’s a few points to consider if you are thinking to try a dating site for the first time.



  • Send your first email with just the link to your profile
  • Tire out your potential partner with all the “outdoor activities” you’re involved in. Remember less is sometimes so much more.
  • Tell your potential date you haven’t posted a photo, but that you are really great looking, then demand one of theirs, all the while you state your marital status as “separated.”


  • Write a question, a statement, a reaction to their own profile in your initial email.
  • Leave the thousand of sports you enjoy for several emails. Show that wide range of interests, including sitting very still, or your “Time Out’s” or finding strays a home.
  • Upload a picture. No picture indicates several things. You’re really alone, and can’t find a camera, you don’t want your picture there because you don’t think you look great, or…you really do not want your wife or husband to see you on internet dating billboards. Do post your picture, no matter what. It is you we all want to know.

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